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The hall way

is to look at every client as an individual. We believe that everyone has a right to have their story told, and we are proud to be the storytellers for such passionate and talented people as those whom we represent.

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Where other agencies see a dollar, we see a person; where others tell you to get famous first (to make their job easier), we say let's get famous together. Since 1996 when I founded the company with the late Sam Firer, we took an integrated and unorthodox approach to our campaigns. We realized early on that each client had his or her own strengths, and we structured our campaigns around them. It's not about what we've done for others, it's about what we can do for you.

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We seek out opportunities; we don't just sit back and wait for the calls, we make the calls. This is how Hall PR became a well-respected global hospitality/travel/lifestyle public relations, branding, and consulting agency with affiliations in Tokyo with Office K2M, and in San Francisco with Andrew Freeman & Co., and that is also why we work closely with other PR professionals in the United States and abroad. For our clients, we open doors to the world.



At Hall PR we stop at nothing to get our clients the media exposure they deserve, and our cutting edge out of the box thinking has catapulted our clients to new heights in the media world. We are the eyes and ears of our clients and are constantly bringing our ideas to the table and collaborating on how to better achieve our joint goals.





At Hall PR we are proud to be the representatives for our clients to the media. From print and on-line to television and radio we cover all bases in our work. We are a supermarket of ideas for journalists and over the years they continue to come to us before others to seek information.



As the world grows and changes, so does Hall PR. We are adept at supporting our clients in the world of social media and stay current in the constant changes the media world offers. We believe there is more than the written word to put "butts in seats" and "heads in beds". We come up with creative plans of social media and other marketing initiatives to help grow your business.



Born from restaurant and hospitality professionals Hall PR is often called upon to brainstorm about,  and refine food service concepts. We offer our experience and know-how to growing restaurant and hotel groups who are seeking representation and concepts for properties as they expand around the globe.



Over the years the principals of Hall PR has advised hundreds of restaurateurs and chefs. Steven Hall always says "my palate has been trained by the best in the business, so take advantage of that" and having been a restaurant manager service comes naturally to Hall. We consult with our clients daily, are always a presence in the properties we represent, and give constant constructive feedback.



Hall PR is associated with restaurant & hotel groups, cruise ships and other entities around the world that seek concepts for their clientele. We have been successful in bringing several hospitality clients together for long lasting partnerships.


Steven Hall


646 228 6369

Born and bred in Flushing, Queens, Steven is the epitome of a native New Yorker. Gifted with a sharp wit, tongue, and street-smart instincts, Steven created his own reality throughout his career, and has never shied away from a challenge or opportunity. An overactive imagination took Steven from the inner workings of hospitality to the world of public relations, from Flushing to Tokyo and beyond. Steven often says that he did not choose PR, PR chose him. The Observer said “Industry people on several continents love Steven Hall and his smart compact firm.”




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Hall PR is nothing without the diverse creative minds who work with us. We are always looking for talented, intuitive, and passionate PR professionals from all corners of the globe who want to work in our wacky world. So, if you are one of those media junkie types, come join Hall.

Email us at join@hallpr.com