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Sushi by Bou


The quick-service omakase concept Sushi by Boū was conceptualized by Master Sushi Chef David Bouhadana and hospitality mavens Michael Sinensky and Erika London. The trio focuses on finding underutilized spaces within existing establishments, quickly transforming them into sexy sushi speakeasies, complete with their own fully-stocked bar, intimate sushi counter and distinctly exclusive vibe, specializing in a 30-minute experience for $50, or 60-minute for $100 based on location.

Owners: Michael Sinensky, Erika London
Sushi Chef: David Bouhadana

  • Zeckendorf Towers, 118 East 15th Street, NYC

  • Jue Lan Kitchen, 49 West 20th Street, NYC

  • Hotel 3232, 32 East 32nd Street, NYC

  • Suite 1001 Hotel 3232, 32 East 32nd Street, NYC

  • Gianni’s Suite Versace Mansion, 1116 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL

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Gianni's Suite Lounge (6).jpg