Socarrat Paella Bar

Socarrat Paella Bar


Socarrat Paella Bar ("Socarrat" is the crispy rice that forms on the bottom and sides of the paella pan and is considered a delicacy in Spain) opened its first location in 2008. At this rustic yet hip, stylish and vibrant restaurant, guests sit at communal tables, with a menu that boasts a wide selection of tapas, paellas, sangria, cocktails, and an extensive selection of wines from the regions of Spain. Now with three locations in Manhattan, Socarrat Paella Bar delivers delicious Spanish food to Chelsea, Nolita and Midtown East.

Owner: Lolo Manso

259 West 19th Street, NYC, 212-462-1000
284 Mulberry Street, NYC, 212-219-0101
953 2nd Avenue, NYC, 212-759-0101

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