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Nestled in the heart of lower Manhattan, Korin Japanese Trading offers the finest knives, kitchen products and tableware to suit every culinary tradition.The Tribeca showroom is home to the most extensive collection of Japanese knives in the world, including Japan. But the collection is far more than just knives— also offered is a vast selection of kitchen tools and appliances, exquisitely designed tableware, and the rarest and most covetable sharpening stones. Drawing from a tradition of Japanese artistry and meticulous attention to detail, the collections at Korin showcase the best of both cutting edge design and time-tested favorites, so one can experience the unparalleled quality of Japanese craftsmanship in a home or restaurant. Korin frequently hosts special events such as knife sharpening demonstrations and parties with the city’s most celebrated chefs and restauranteurs.

Owner: Saori Kawano

57 Warren St
New York, NY



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Korin Holidays.jpg