Owners: David Bouley, Tsuji Culinary Institute of Osaka
Chef: Isao Yamada
Sushi Chef: Eiji Ichimura

30 Hudson Street
New York, NY

(212) 791-3771

What you need to know: Brushstroke is more than a restaurant; it is a representation of a way of living through food with balance and harmony at the forefront. A project that has been years in development Brushstroke illustrates a completely new wave of Japanese knowledge landing on western tables. Brushstroke is a restaurant with deep roots in the philosophical and technical underpinnings of the Tsuji Culinary Institute and the culture that is at the heart of that education. Overseen and inspired by David Bouley, our team of 4 chefs hails from various parts of Japan. Together Chef Bouley and his flock meld their experiences from both sides of the Pacific, and cross the Atlantic at times as well, in order to uniquely represent the current worldwide excitement extolling the virtues of Japanese cuisine: freshness, seasonality, simplicity, quality. The setting will be no less extraordinary and pleasing thanks to the gifted team at Super Potato, the time-honored cutting edge Japanese design house. A few of the design elements that are sure to peak interest are the floor to ceiling walls of books, hand-crafted tables, and serene lights accented by the use of bamboo and rice paper. The lovely way Super Potato managed to create different atmospheres in a rather modest space: dining room, wrap around dining counter, semi-private lounge, bar/cocktail area, and integrate all that with the integrally open kitchen is thrilling.