In his illustrious 25-year career David Bouley has fed everyone from kings and queens to the average Joe, and each and every person has left his namesake restaurant remembering the meal of their lives. In the next phase of his illustrious career he once again re-invents himself and fine dining as he concentrates on bringing out the best flavors in his ingredients, and taking his guests personal tastes, well-being and health into consideration. Bouley is truly the most personal 4-star dining experience anyone can have. The newly opened 'Chef’s Pass', Bouley’s newest private dining option offers up to 8 guests the most up close and personal experience one can imagine. Besides Chef Bouley personally presiding over the meal, guests can Skype in the winemaker, farmer or cheese maker for one-on-one interviews while tasting their product or ingredient. It is the most interactive dining experience in New York, and probably the world. Bouley Catering: Passion in details the level of engagement Bouley creates with each dish makes every event a personal affair whether in his restaurants or off-premise.

Owner/Chef: David Bouley
Sommelier: Adrien Falcon
Maître d’: Jacques G. Le Magueresse

163 Duane Street, NYC, (212) 964-2525

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