Owner: Yuta Suzuki
Sushi Chef: Toshio Suzuki, Kentaro Sawada
Kaiseki Chef: Takashi Yamamoto
Cocktails formulated by: Alex Ott

114 West 47th Street
New York, NY

What you need to know: Sushi Chef Toshio Suzuki, of the famed restaurant Sushi Zen, is back in action at this spacious midtown restaurant. A quick elevator ride transports diners from midtown cacophony to the serenity of Kyoto, and into a sophisticated and handsomely designed restaurant divided into two dining areas: a 10-seat sushi bar, known as Satsuki, presided over by Chef Suzuki, and his protege Kentaro Sawada, and a 56-seat kaiseki restaurant guided by young chef Takashi Yamamoto, formerly the private chef at the Japanese Consulate, and who did a series of kaiseki pop-up dinners at Sushi Zen in 2015 while serving as executive chef. The restaurant, owned by Suzuki san's son Yuta Suzuki, is a family affair bringing back many of the members from the original Sushi Zen team. In addition to the two restaurants in one, there is a private room for up to 12 guests, and a separate cocktail lounge, Three Pillars, with drinks formulated by Alex Ott.