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Real Eats

Owner: Dan Wise
Culinary Advisor: Chef Katy Sparks


What you need to know: Imagine coming home to healthy, high-quality restaurant-style meals waiting in your fridge, ready to go. No, this isn’t your typical meal delivery service – for the first time ever, RealEats is disrupting the meal-kit delivery industry by going where no service has gone before: “sous-vide” style cooking. The cutting-edge meal subscription service, brainchild of owner and developer Dan Wise, is taking the secret of sous-vide technique out of top restaurants and into people’s homes. RealEats brings new recipes to consumers’ tables each week from a group of chefs, curated by RealEats culinary specialist Chef Katy Sparks. Inaugural chefs include Bill Telepan. Dale Talde and Silvia Baldini.