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Owner: Roni Mazumdar
Chef: Chintan Pandya

60 Greenwich Avenue, NYC, (212) 373-8900


What you need to know: Rahi is an artisanal Indian restaurant - a collaboration of a young Indian chef, Chintan Pandya and entrepreneur Roni Muzumdar, melding their backgrounds from different regions of India. It's modern Indian without pretension, straying away from tradition by adopting the local produce of New York. Plates range from small to larger portions, with beautifully executed Sunchoke Vada, or pakoras, that customers break apart and dredge through a tamarind glaze and chili coconut crumble, a tender, herbaceous Tulsi Chicken Tikka with basil and chili, Dalhousie Shepherd's Pie inspired by India's British influence, and Smoked Salmon with a vibrant, green Dhaniwal Korma.