Founder & CEO: Regina Reale
Culinary Director: Chef Katy Sparks


What you need to know: Fresh Healthy Meal Delivery for babies and Kids in NYC, Nutrutie's mission is to give you more freedom to enjoy your precious time with your kids, and to start children off on a foundation of great nutrition, by taking the work out of feeding them fresh healthy food they will happily eat! Founder Regina Reale, was working and caring for her family, but that didn’t leave much time to cook the kind of fresh healthy food that she wanted for her infant daughter. As her daughter grew into a fussy toddler, the problem only grew. When she looked to store bought prepared food and other meal delivery services she was surprised to find nothing that provided the kind and variety of nutrient-rich and kid friendly food she needed. So she decided to do it herself and Nurturie was born.