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Nikutei Futago


The team behind Yakiniku Futago brings an extraordinary Japanese Yakiniku BBQ experience to New York. Nikutei Futago will specialize in upscale Yakiniku using only Japanese Wagyu, allowing diners to experience the ultimate umami and beauty of Japanese beef. There will be three tasting-menu options, and like at Futago, the meat will be grilled on the table by the diners themselves. There are two Nikutei Futago locations in Tokyo, and this is their first U.S. outpost. Expect specialties like their signature "Nikubako," an assortment of Japanese Wagyu in a wooden box, Wagyu Otoro Nigiri, Japanesque desserts, and an extensive sake list.

341 West Broadway
New York, NY

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Futago (2).jpg