Owners: Thomas Ling, Janine Ling

220 East 5th Street, #2W, New York, NY


What you need to know: A company founded on the belief that our pups are our family, and we treat them as we do ourselves -- offers a line of upscale, naturally clean and organically sourced grooming products designed to relieve, refine and refresh your pup! Developed by Janine Ling to help her rescue pit bull who suffered from extreme environmental allergens, kin+kind – whose name is based on the meanings of the two words (kin – 1. family and relations; kind – 1. a group united by common traits or interests 2. character; nature) – was launched as a business in 2015.  Today, its products are available at boutique pet supply shops in 25 markets across the country, and nationally on their website.