Café Medi

Managing Partners: Corey Lane, Roberto Buchelli
Executive Chef: Vincent Chirico

107 Rivington Street
New York, NY

(212) 796-8040

What you need to know: CAFÉ MEDI, located in Lower East Side, NYC, serves fresh and seasonal contemporary Coastal Mediterranean cuisine inspired by the dishes of Spain, Italy and France. Featuring a high-ceiling, sky-lit, mural covered 90 seat dining room, 22 outdoor terrace, and 10 main bar seating, Cafe Medi is a spacious and colorful restaurant. An expansive 20-feet high floor-to-ceiling colorful tile mural was designed and crated by Spanish artist LRV, Lazaro Rosa-Violan Studio from Barcelona, Spain, who was inspired by a Peruvian Myth.  The Mediterranean-blue themed Peruvian Gods mural is the signature decor piece.